Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ~ Aesop ~

I’m not sure about you but I know I’m finding it challenging to tone down the noise and maintain some perspective in these crazy, fast changing times we are going through. I think it’s normal and ok to be scared and unsure of what lies ahead. The difference between falling into the abyss of despair and moving through these times gracefully will be about mindset.

I’m not for a minute saying “think happy thoughts and it will all go away”… what I am saying is that all you have control over right now is your little patch of life and how you react to what’s going on around you.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on navigating the coming weeks and months in an uncertain world.

·   It will get better. pandemics last for months not years. Stockmarket falls and economies recover. This isn’t going to last forever. It may well get worse in the short-term, but it will eventually get better.

·   Turn down the noise. It’s tempting, when you have time on your hands, to constantly check the news and social media feeds. Try to only do this once or twice a day to keep abreast of changes but then look for the good news stories too. It was nice this weekend to see some humour returning to facebook.

·    Connect with others. I know you can’t go out for a cuppa and a chat but you can call someone… the old fashioned way… on the phone. Whilst you’re talking, remember to tell them what they mean to you. Have a real conversation. Ask them questions you’ve never asked. Get to know your friends and family in a more meaningful way.

·   Never assume. We’re all going through these times but we will each be experiencing it differently. It will bring up different emotions for everyone. If someone snaps at you or seems out of sorts, don’t assume they are angry at you. It’s probably not even about you. Ask people how they are and listen to their response. Give support.

·   If you are in business, focus on your relationships rather than the sale. Times are uncertain and people might not spend with you today, but stay connected and they will return when they can.

·    The opposite of that… if you have the capacity, continue to support local businesses. They need you more than ever.

·    As the saying goes, out of adversity comes opportunity. Things might not be as easy as they were but it may be the push you need to look at things differently; To find a new way to run your business or do your work.

·    Focus on each day and what you can do that day. You can either be overcome by the external noise or become a master of mindfulness.

·   Spend some time each day in stillness and silence. See what feelings and emotions come up. Really feel into them (it’s even ok to cry… a lot!). Don’t judge what comes up: crazy times mean a crazy range of emotions. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself.

·  It’s not until things get crazy that we will realise how little of our lives we actually control. This is an amazing time to focus your energy on being creative, resourceful and responsive to the unpredictable times ahead.

·  Take the time to learn something new: meditation, a language, sudoku, or work on your money mindset!!!

·   Finally, focus on being grateful. Sure, our personal freedoms are being curbed by a virus, people are getting sick and some are dying, the economy is not going so well and our super funds are in the red. On the up-side, the water still comes out of the tap, the dog is happy you’re at home all day, the sun is still shining and we have our community… we have so much to be thankful for.

Stay safe. Tell your family and friends that you love them and look for the good where you can.

Lis x