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Money type Consultation

In this complimentary session you will learn about the 8 Money types, and discover which are active for you. This is a profound and exciting way to become aware of, and understand your underlying patterns and behaviours around money. We all have these money types in us. Some are more active than others and some are more “helpful” than others!

I invite you to take the Money Type Quiz and together we will take a look at the unique blend of money types that are currently active in your life. We will look at those that are serving you and those that need to be shifted to move you towards a more balanced and mindful approach to money and life.

Consultations are conducted online and take 15 minutes.

Individual Coaching

In this process we dive deeply into your relationship with money. The process helps you understand you underlying patterns and behaviours around money, and how they came to be part of you. We look in detail at the money types that are active for you and what that means.

We then go on to explore how these money types and patterns show up in your day to day life and how they are impacting you personally and financially.

Finally, we work to shift towards a more healthy and mindful relationship with money, by implementing strategies and actions for change.

Sessions may be conducted in person or online.

4 sessions is $880. Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours

8 sessions is $1540. You receive one bonus session

Money Coaching Circles

Money coaching circles are a way to learn about yourself, your money blocks and self-limiting beliefs in a safe way, supported by other like minded women on their own journey. This is an opportunity to experience tremendous persona and financial growth.

Held one evening a week over 4 weeks, the circles are really a form of self care.

If you already have a women’s circle I would be delighted to facilitate this four week series for your group.

Circles are a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people.

At $250 per person this is a low-cost alternative to individual coaching.

Money Coaching Retreats and Workshops

Maybe get together a group of girlfriends, or jump into a group that you don’t know…either way the retreats and workshops are a kind of magic.

We weave in the first three sessions of the core money coaching process in a group environment. But it’s not all work on these retreats, you might get to do some things that are physically challenging, or creative or restorative (or all of the above). One thing is certain, you will come away feeling nurtured, supported and ready to finally take a more mindful approach to money.

Costs vary depending on the nature of the retreat. We are happy to customise them for your group. Talk to us for more information.

Financial Literacy Coaching

Once you have completed the core money coaching program you can choose to start educating yourself on the financial basics so you feel empowered to make financial decisions.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they hear about budgets, superannuation, investments, life insurance, saving, mortgages. It’s no wonder really as it’s not something we are taught in school.

This program breaks it down into plain language so you can make the financial decisions that are right for you.

*Please note: this is not financial planning.

Cost is $220 per session