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Hi, I’m Lisa.

Your friend, mentor and Money Coach.

I’m here to help you understand your underlying patterns and behaviours around money; how they are showing up in your financial and personal life and how to shift them to find financial freedom.

Money coaching will take you on a journey to understand your unhealthy money patterns and where they come from.



Archetype Consultation

Learn about the 8 Money Archetypes, and discover which are active for you. Take the Quiz Here!

Individual Coaching

In this initial 4 part core process we dive deeply into your relationship with money.

Money Coaching Circles

Learn about yourself, your money blocks and self-limiting beliefs in a safe way.


Money Coaching Retreats

Maybe get together a group of girlfriends, or jump into a group that you don’t know…either way the retreats are a kind of magic.

Financial Literacy Coaching

Start educating yourself on the financial basics so you feel empowered to make financial decisions.

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