“Sometimes you have to look back in order to see how far you have come.”
~ Me (and probably a heap of other people!) ~

The road ahead…

What an amazing year to cap off a decade of personal and professional growth and development.

I always take the time at the end of the year to take stock and plan for the year ahead. This is the first year I’ve really taken the time to look back and be proud of how far I’ve come.

Last week I had coffee with a friend and we took some time to share what we were most proud of from the past year. We started out strong, listing our professional achievements and got stuck after about 5 or 6 things. We stayed with it… resisted the urge to stop at a few things… and reflected a little more deeply. It’s interesting how reluctant we are to “blow our own trumpet”!

Interestingly some of the achievements we were most proud of where not actions you list on your resume. Don’t get me wrong, we had both started new businesses and completed courses and we are super proud of them. But others were more subtle.

The “external” wins for me this year were:

  • Doing my Certified Money Coaching course and really feeling I had found what I’m meant to be doing

  • Starting up my Money Coaching Business

  • Finally getting paid to help people move their big money blocks (and find and break a few more of my own!)

  • Doing a few personal development retreats to help me get clear on what I want.

  • Doing Marie Forleo’s B school.

But a lot of the big shifts were internal:

  • Setting some new personal and professional boundaries

  • Learning to say no to things that aren’t aligned with where I’m headed

  • Learning to value my time and worth

  • Learning to value the benefits and changes I bring about for my clients

  • Strengthened relationships

  • Learning to listen to my body and trust my intuition

  • Continuing to find my voice.

  • Getting better at simply meeting people where they are at

I’m sure there is more and I’m looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off to reflect and get clearer on what I want from the year ahead.

I do encourage you to spend some time thinking about where you were a year ago, where you are now and what you would like it to be like a year from now. It really isn’t until we look at where we were that we can celebrate how far we have come.

I’d love you share your wins in the comments below.

Thank you for your support over the year. I truly means the world to me that I have so many amazing women (and men) who cheer me on. I hope you also have your own cheer squad… you certainly deserve it!

I can’t wait to work with you 2020.

Love Lis x